1977 - Van Meter is Founded
Van Meter was founded in January 1977 by William “Chip” Van Meter. The organization was primarily set up to be a property and casualty Commercial Agency specializing in the forest products industry.
William “Chip” Van Meter
1985 - Aggressive growth Marketing Department
In 1985 a P&C marketing department was established to allow for additional focus on growth and retention via development of relationships with larger markets
1983 - Employee Benefits Department Arrives
1983 marks the beginning of Employee Benefits Division. Made up of one producer focusing on group benefits for commercial organizations.
1990 - Bond Department
In 1990 the bond department was formed, helping us establish Van Meter as a construction focused agency.
1989 - Intern Program
In 1989 the intern program was established, and is still utilized today. Development of future producers begins as early as the Sophomore year in college.
1996 - ERS is Formed
In 1995 Employers Risk Services (ERS) was formed in support of the Kentucky and Tennessee Forestry Association. The addition of this company gave Van Meter an advantage in the market place by offering services like loss control and handling of Workers compensation claims.
1994 - Van Meter HQ comes to Bowling Green, KY
In 1994 we moved to the current locations on Fairway Street in Bowling Green. That same year we opened the we purchased Taylor and Associates in Owensboro whose primary focus was on Southern Indiana and Owensboro
2000 - VMI is purchased by Synaxis Group
In 2000 Van Meter was purchased by the Synaxis Group. Synaxis was made up of five other agencies throughout the Southeast. At this point in time Van Meter was producing $7 Million dollars in revenue
2002 - VMI Reaches $10 Million
In 2002 Synaxis was purchased by First Tennessee as part of an effort by the bank to be “all things financial” to its customers. With this purchase Van Meter’s revenue grew in excess of $10 Million in revenue.
2006 - Van Meter joins Houchens Industries
In 2006 Van Meter and ERS became part of the Houchens Insurance Group making all of the employees part owners of the company. This acquisition set the stage for future growth through the backing of a foundationally strong parent company as well as allowed the business to operate in a nimble and effective manner.
Currently - Now & in the Future
Currently we have in excess of $30 Million in revenue and are comprised of twenty-six producers. Seven of these producers are in our Employee Benefits department with the remainder focused on P&C. The current leadership assumed control in 1999 when Mr. Van Meter retired from the business.

Van Meter is extremely proud to be a part of the Houchens Industries team. Partnering with a local organization has allowed Van Meter to penetrate the market place at a greater pace. The Van Meter management team is growth-focused and will continue to take great pride in the organization’s client relationships.

Our philosophy is and always will be to serve our clients’ needs and to exceed their expectations whenever possible through dedication, determination, and a multi-year partnership with open lines of communication.

Our future growth will be driven through focusing on specialized industries and individual accountability. The business will be driven primarily, but not limited to, construction, manufacturing, healthcare, energy, transportation, and hospitality segments. Our management team is focused on ensuring the individual success of our clients and our employees.